Boating Allowed!

Here in Toronto and Ontario we are just getting over the worst wave yet in the pandemic. A month ago we went into a stay-at-home order. Today it was announced that recreational boating will be permitted starting Saturday.

So I’ll be on my way. Planning to noodle down to Kingston, meet family there for a couple.of days in the Thousand Islands, then head up the Rideau for Ottawa.

Nova Scotia is closed to visitors right now, but I expect that things are going to get better. I hope I can have a path to getting there in July. We’ll see.

Boat is pretty much ready. I was dawdling on finishing up a few things but the recent beautiful weather got me energized.

Davits are on, and the boat hung. Easy to get on the platform when the dinghy is there. I like it.

2 thoughts on “Boating Allowed!”

  1. Dinghy looks good back there, enjoy your travels and stay safe, p.s. send pictures and highlights.


  2. Hey Jeff,

    It looks like perfect weather to set sail. I’m sure you’re ready to get moving. Please make sure your posts get on FB otherwise I don’t always see them. Fingers crossed for NS to open sometime this summer 😢

    Safe travels!!



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