I’m anchored here in Kemptville creek.  Quiet spot away from homes and cottages. No lights in sight.

I took these pictures as I was returning from a burrito run earlier.  There are lots of good takeout choices not far away by dinghy.

Today was nice, very relaxed and fine weather.  I left Merrickville mid day, driven mostly by an empty water tank.  Filled up at Pirate’s Cove marine just north of here.

It’s very weedy and dead feeling around here.  This area is in a drought, and although water levels seem normal there may be less flow than usual.  I dunno.  I thought the same thing last year, but it seems worse this year.

I’m now in a long pool that goes basically to the outskirts of Ottawa. Weather looks perfect for the next few days.

I’m not taking many pictures as I’ve done this trip before. But I grabbed my phone when I saw the seaplanes. It’s mostly narrow canals coming down from Lower Rideau Lake until the Rideau River broadens here.

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