Meeting the Ocean

I just dropped anchor here off the southwestern tip of L’Isle-aux-Coudres and ran upstairs to take pictures in all directions.

I don’t know if the pictures do justice to the scenery. I’ve been reminded of New Zealand a few times today by the clouds hanging at mountaintop height.

This is definitely a mixing zone. I came out of the ship channel and into the more shallow middle of the river when the current turned against me an hour ago. It was like a washing machine on gentle. Little waves with no discernable pattern.

I’ll probably stay here tonight. It’s exposed at high tide but at low tide has exposed marsh on 3 sides. It’s high tide now. Weather forecast is for fair weather and no wind for the next few days, so I shouldn’t have any trouble getting to Tadoussac in the next day or two.

Lots of pics, in chronological order from today’s travel.

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