Night time in the boat yard

The damaged prop looks like new. We’ve agreed to depitch and reduce the diameter of the original prop and install it. It’s a nice Nibral 4 blade. They’re machining the new shaft. Planning to launch by the end of the week.

My uncle Eric came yesterday and we tackled the generator and ran around collecting tools and boat bits. He stayed over to help complete the job today. The generator is now installed and (I think) fully operational. We had it running briefly. Will fully test when we hit the water. He enjoys challenges like this, and it gets me off the couch. Glad to have that done. It’s been sitting there for a year.

I had been toying with the idea of going without a generator. There has been some excellent discussion on Trawler Forum, and I was quite excited by my solar panels. I was sort of considering selling the generator and putting the proceeds into bigger better solar. I’m quite confident that I could satisfy my house needs that way, and I’ve got lots of rooftop space.

But the nagging doubt is air conditioning. I had it on Mazurka and didn’t use it that often but appreciated it when I had it. I’m prepared to put A/C on Escapade if I feel the need, and for that I need a generator. And I have one. Now it’s useable, and I suspect I’ll keep it forever.

There isn’t too much left on my list. I’m feeling comfortable with time lines. All good.

I’m quite happy here. Lots going on. I’ve met the owner of Impulse, the Class 40 here that I mentioned earlier. It’s not aluminum, but stitch and glue foam/wood/glass composite. Cool boat. Kyle is launching the boat and trying to get to Portland with the mast on deck. I offered my services as volunteer tow boat. Think it would be fine in favourable weather.

Some pics of Escapade out of the water. She’s passed the one year probation period with flying colours.

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