Barrington Passage

Nice day on the water today, clear sunny and relatively settled.

I’m now anchored here at the north end of Cape Sable Island. I got in about 10 pm. Apparently I can get in closer to the causeway and get ashore, but I’ll explore tomorrow.

I went into Shelburne and had an unremarkable meal ashore. Then after a walk around headed out. I was thinking of anchoring near Birchtown and going to the museum there in the morning, but it was a nice evening, so I headed out to get to here.

There are grocery stores here. I rushed out of Lunenburg to get fuel and didn’t return to stock up. Tomorrow I’ll provision.

I’ve been looking at weather, and the next few days don’t look great for crossing the Gulf. A nice window just closed. I’ll likely head for Southwest Harbor. It’s not that far from Yarmouth, about 110 miles.

The new drivetrain is transformational. Smooth at all speeds. And I think I like the repropping. I was cruising in the 1400-2000 rpm range. That’s now dropped to 1100-1700.

These pics were taken in Shelburne – entering, stopping, and departing.

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