Hello USA

It’s been a while…

Sunset over the Gulf of Maine

I’m anchored in Bar Harbor.  The trip over went pretty much as planned, and I arrived here about 0200 local time.

Clearing customs and getting a US cruising permit was easy using the ROAM app. 

It’s now raining and stormy outside, with 50 knot gusts forecast this evening from the south.

In hindsight I should have left about four hours later, or stopped at Seal Island to wait for the tide to change. I should have known the strong current on my tail was going to turn the seas on my bow into monsters.

Instead, we (the boat and I) suffered a pretty good thrashing for a few hours getting around the tip of NS. Everything that wasn’t securely fastened down ended up on the floor and I was either standing at the wheel or well braced. It was at times pretty violent. Fortunately the best course to get through the waves was also the direction I wanted to travel.

I took a brief video of bashing into the waves. https://youtu.be/vNWMwSbRsSU

It was stupid of me to have not anticipated and avoided those conditions. Once the tide changed things settled down immediately.

The evening was calm and clear, as expected. But about 30 miles out from Bar Harbor I saw a lobster buoy, and from then on in I was focused on the radar trying not to catch gear. I see now why all the lobster boats in NS have big headlights. I don’t think it’s prudent for me to be traveling at night in these waters. There are a lot of traps out there.

I haven’t really looked at the route down the coast. These are unfamiliar waters for me. But I want to tour around a bit. Lots of famous yards around the corner at Southwest Harbor. Tomorrow morning I’ll be on the move.

2 thoughts on “Hello USA”

  1. Very cool. I’ll be enjoying following your trip down the coast. I want to get to Florida this winter to train in my Laser, so we’ll see if we and meet up. I’d love to see the boat.


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