Cape Porpoise

I’m anchored here.  Got in about 3:45 and this is the view as I write at 4:15.  But when I stuck my arm out the pilothouse door to take that pic I got chilled.  Wind WNW 15-20 kts and maybe 5C.  It’s pretty raw outside.

Wow.  I’m well stocked with everything I need, and this is a spectacular anchorage.  I came in at dead low tide and dropped anchor in about ten feet of water.  Nobody around.  Life is good. 

Today was another great travel day.  I napped a couple of hours past my intended departure time, but got underway about 9:00 and cruised down to Portland to get fuel and a replacement for a VHF antenna which I damaged in Lunenburg just before I left. Then followed the coast down to here.

It’s been cool but generally sunny and bright.  I have very good heat, and it’s always pleasant inside.  Waves haven’t been unmanageable.

Tomorrow looks to be another brilliant day, weather wise.  I’m heading over to the Blynman Canal, which I’m now off to learn more about on the interwebs.

There is a group of rocks nearby that had dozens of seals laying about.  Most went in the water but I got pics of a few.  Many have very light pelts.  Cat and I were speculating yesterday than they could be pups, but that doesn’t seem right to me.  Probably a breed I haven’t seen before.

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