New York

I’m now in Atlantic City, where I’m anchored here. But since all the pics are NYC I think the title is apt.

NYC on the skyline from LI Sound

That’s the only photo I took Wednesday. Nice day. I basically Beelined down the sound.

I went in to Port Washington around 3:30 looking for a fuel dock, but both were closed. Anchored in the harbor, and decided that a 1:00 pm Friday departure would get me through and out of NY with favourable current and daylight.

Thursday was another lovely day. I slept in, got underway about 1230, and cruised down to Atlantic City, where I got in about 0330 Friday. Calm and 12C.

The harbor and rivers were very quiet. Thanksgiving. My timing was perfect, I was loafing along with a tail current all the way out to Sandy Hook. My original plan had been to stop at Barnegut Inlet, but it was easy going, and I continued on to here.

It’s raining heavily now, and almost calm. But the wind is going to boom in from the west in a few hours and then blow hard for 24 hours. Friday is going to be a lay day. It looks like things should be settled enough to get around Cape May and into the Delaware Bay Saturday evening, so a mid day Saturday departure looks like the basic plan.

Some great pics, I hope. I realized as I looked at them that I probably missed a few bridges. Sorry Sarah! These are in chronological order.

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