Pungo River

I’m anchored here for the night. Beautiful day today, calm and sunny and temps in the teens. First time in a while I haven’t had the heat on during the day. Feels good.

Today I was underway at 0700 and didn’t stop. Across Albemarle Sound, into the Alligator River, and through the 20 mile long Alligator-Pungo Canal. I got out of the canal just as it was getting dark.

Tomorrow takes me closer to the coast, through Morehead City.

2 thoughts on “Pungo River”

  1. Hi ya Jeff! Love reading your posts and appreciate you giving us the exact location. I try to follow where you travelled. Sometimes on the map it doesn’t appear there is a waterway but then I expand the map and can see exactly how you arrived at your current spot. That Aligator-Pungo Canal is a straight as a ruler. Must be so much more pleasant to travel than the endless Atlantic with WAVES! May favourable conditions stay with you. What is your destination? Are you aiming for some specific place for Xmas?

    As you probably know we at W-K are preparing for the Xmas Concert. Could sure use your tenor………


    1. Nice to have you following Sheila. I’ve got family meeting me in the Florida Keys at the end of December for a few weeks. So that’s my immediate destination. I may have a chance to get home for Xmas, but we’ll see how that goes. Sorry to miss the singing. One of these years I’ll join you again.


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