Happy New Year!  It’s sort of snuck up on me.  Guess I need to write a year in review post.  But first, a regular update.

I’ve been enjoying the Keys more than I thought I would.  There are fewer boats and people than I was expecting, and the area more vast. Weather has been relentlessly fair.  I haven’t been ashore much, partly due to Covid concerns, but have had a couple of decent meals out.

Up until now I’ve been in Florida Bay, the west/north side of the keys.  It’s all shallow, with lots of banks and keys. Endless fair weather anchorages.  Yesterday I came under Seven Mile Bridge to the Atlantic side, then into the Boot Key Harbor anchorage in Marathon. I’m anchored here for a few days.

This is a huge collection of liveaboards. The city runs the harbor, with something like 300 moorings and scores more anchored. It’s quite a community. There is a big facility on shore with all support services – dinghy and car parking, laundry, showers, water, garbage disposal, mail, etc. I registered and paid $84 for a week’s stay. Going to do some cleaning and laundry and a few other housekeeping tasks in preparation for guests. Miles and Joe are due in next week, but it’s time, regardless.

It really is quite beautiful down here. I’m looking forward to exploring the ocean side. There is a barrier reef on this side.

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