Fairhope AL

Hello Alabama! I’m anchored here in Mobile Bay. Calm conditions. Weather has been fabulous and looks good for the next week. I went ashore in the dinghy and walked up the hill for dinner at a BBQ restaurant. Fairhope is pretty and prosperous looking.

Last night I anchored in a beautiful spot near Pensacola. Dunes on three sides. Very picturesque. I’ve met a few eastbound cruisers and a couple of tows. Yesterday there were a few sailboats out in Pensacola. The most obvious signs of human existence often come from the various military aircraft coming and going, or just hovering around. It seems like there is a base of some sort every 20-30 miles.

The motor is working well. Today we spent a few hours at higher cruise speeds. Drivetrain is very smooth. I still have a minor air leak, but I’ve been working my way through the system and am determined to resolve it.

Pics in chronological order for the last two days

Tomorrow I hit the rivers. But that should have its own post.

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