Sprint Time

Well, it’s all relative… I’ve been really loafing since I left Knoxville, on the assumption that I’m meeting guests in Kentucky Lake. But I’ve also been watching river levels. The Mississippi is low. That’s good. Not that I’ve been terribly concerned, but a good spring flood there could stop or hinder my ability to get to Chicago.

In consultation with Samantha and Sarah I’ve rebooked our biking and boating rendezvous to downstate Illinois, and am headed there now. Get up the Mississippi while the going is good.

So I have eight travel days to go down the Tennessee, about 360 miles, then down the Ohio about 50 miles, then about 240 miles upstream on the Mississippi to get to the bottom of the Illinois River. I’ll have to use my alarm clock to get started early each day.

Today I stayed put. I’m on the town dock in Guntersville. I picked up a few things, did an oil change and disassembled and cleaned my fuel separators. They were pretty gunked up. I hope that resolves my persistent air leak.

A friend suggested after seeing snow in my last post that I shouldn’t be in a rush to head north. But I like this weather. Today was about 20C and sunny. Any warmer and it would be uncomfortably hot 🙂

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