St Louis

Yesterday was fun, but required all my attention.  The current was stronger, 4-5 mph in the center of the river.  I was on the banks most of the time, trying to stay in slacker current.  Made 56 miles in ten hours, and anchored here at mile 170 for the night between wing dams.

As it turns out, I should have gone a bit farther before stopping, as there is work happening at mile 172 with daily closure of the river from 0800 to 1530. I heard about it yesterday, but didn’t realize it is in effect today as well. So I’m sitting waiting until it opens.

My destination is Alton Marina, about 30 miles and two locks upstream of here.  Samantha and Sarah are joining me there tomorrow night for a biking holiday.  I won’t be there today as planned, but should make it tomorrow.

I’m thinking of heading north on the upper Mississippi after that, rather than heading for Chicago. I think I’ll stop in Alton for a week or two and then decide.

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