The view from my door

It got down to the minus teens last night and is forecast to be a little colder tonight. The first real cold snap of the winter.

I never did get around to sealing/insulating fully. There are lots of air gaps in the pilot house. But that’s ok, I’m treating it like an unheated entrance. I worry occasionally about having things too tightly sealed.

My heating plan has been successful. I’ve got 4x1500w oil filled heaters going full blast, 2 forward and 2 aft. Supplementing that is the hydronic heat system which can use waste heat from the motor (n/a), electric, or diesel burner. I’ve had it running on 3 kw electric. Today I turned on the diesel boiler for the first time when the interior got down to about 15.

There is still no ice. At this point I may not need my bubblers. My two neighbors turned theirs on yesterday, but I think there’s been enough wind to keep the lagoon agitated. In any case, all good.

I’ve been musing about electrical system changes over on Trawler Forum. Went to the boat show. I thought I’d have a shopping list, but really there’s little I need.

I’m still formulating summer plans – east, west or stay – and will lay them down here when I have a bit more clarity. Escapade is ready for whatever comes next.

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