I came over and anchored in Newport yesterday morning, and am leaving tomorrow morning. Nice stop. I walked about 15 km over two days, picked up some boat stuff and groceries and did somee maintenance, changing fuel filters etc. Had a couple of meals out.

I woke up this morning to find Impulse tied up not far away. Kyle sailed straight here from Lunenburg and arrived this morning. Glad he made it.

Nothing else of note. Wind has gone to the NW and the next three days look good for getting down LI sound and through NY. I’ll be off early tomorrow morning.

Rhode Island

Another beautiful day, sunny and calm. And I had favourable currents all the way. I anchored here off Third Beach at 4:15 just as the sun was setting.

Not much to report. The trip through the canal was interesting. I’ve seen a couple of fishing boats underway, but very little pleasure boat traffic.

Tomorrow I’m going to noodle over to Newport. Rain and wind forecast for Monday, then the rest of the week looks fine. I may stay there a couple of nights.


Moon over Plymouth Light

Today was another great travel day. Sunny and a following breeze. Cooler, but nice.

Rick had problems this morning that prevented him from joining me, so I left anchor in Boston about 10:00.

I’m now anchored here in Plymouth Bay. I went in to Plymouth this afternoon and had a delicious pizza ashore then came out here at dusk.

It’s about two hours from here to the Cape Cod Canal and the current is favourable for a mid morning passage south. Weather looks great for tomorrow. Should be a fun day.


Another nice day. Warm, about 21C. I’m anchored here in Boston Harbor.

It was a nice cruise past Marblehead and down here this morning, and I did a tour of the harbor.

Last night while anchoring I caught a line on my prop. The shaft cutter did its thing, but I noticed a drop in performance today. I had a diver look at it today, and he took this off the prop and shaft

One piece of nylon and one polypropylene. Maybe two different encounters. I’m glad to have the cutter. Without it yesterday’s entanglement would have been a serious problem I suspect.

Weather looks good for the next couple of days. Rick joins me tomorrow, and we’ll go through the Cape Cod Canal on Saturday.

Today’s pics, all in Boston Harbor

Boston Boat Works, building MJM boats

Hello MA

Today was another lovely traveling day. Calm and flat. I woke at dawn – on my own! – and had a leisurely beeline trip down to entrance to the Annisquam River.

This river and the Blynman Canal go inside Cape Ann and into Gloucester Harbor. It’s about four miles long. These pics are from that segment. The last is in Gloucester.

I’m now anchored here just off Beverly. Nice protected cove.

It’s going to blow in from the south tonight. I’m meeting Rick in downtown Boston Friday morning. Tomorrow will be a leisurely exploring day between here and there.

Fuel stats

I filled up in Chester Basin 8 days ago, and again today.  Six of those days were full bore travel, with two lay days.

Total fuel used: 510l / 135 gal

95 l was used for heat, 415 for propulsion

Travel distance:  434 nm

Engine hours: 62

I generally used 1 litre / nautical mile as my overall fuel target for travel in Mazurka, but used a lower speed than I’ve been traveling on Escapade. I’m very happy with these numbers.

Cape Porpoise

I’m anchored here.  Got in about 3:45 and this is the view as I write at 4:15.  But when I stuck my arm out the pilothouse door to take that pic I got chilled.  Wind WNW 15-20 kts and maybe 5C.  It’s pretty raw outside.

Wow.  I’m well stocked with everything I need, and this is a spectacular anchorage.  I came in at dead low tide and dropped anchor in about ten feet of water.  Nobody around.  Life is good. 

Today was another great travel day.  I napped a couple of hours past my intended departure time, but got underway about 9:00 and cruised down to Portland to get fuel and a replacement for a VHF antenna which I damaged in Lunenburg just before I left. Then followed the coast down to here.

It’s been cool but generally sunny and bright.  I have very good heat, and it’s always pleasant inside.  Waves haven’t been unmanageable.

Tomorrow looks to be another brilliant day, weather wise.  I’m heading over to the Blynman Canal, which I’m now off to learn more about on the interwebs.

There is a group of rocks nearby that had dozens of seals laying about.  Most went in the water but I got pics of a few.  Many have very light pelts.  Cat and I were speculating yesterday than they could be pups, but that doesn’t seem right to me.  Probably a breed I haven’t seen before.


Another couple of days of enjoyable travel.

Yesterday was a fairly straight shot from Rockland to Boothbay Harbor, then up the Sasanoa River to meet the Kennebec River at Bath. I anchored just above the bridge at dusk. I always enjoy exploring rivers.

My cousin Cat arrived bearing pizza and snacks and stayed the night aboard, and this morning we cruised upriver to Bowdoinham, then turned around to go back down the Kennebec to the sea. Then down to Freeport. Nice day, and great to have her aboard for a visit.

I managed to fill the water tank here on arrival, and will get fuel at 0800 then head south. Looks like a couple of days of decent weather, and I hope to be south of Gloucester by late Wednesday.

Stealth ship. Weird.


Approaching Rockport at dusk

That was a beautiful travel day. Sunny and calm behind the islands. I threaded my way across to Rockport and anchored here about 4:45. It was almost completely dark by then.

This is a spectacularly beautiful and interesting area. The ten foot tidal range adds to the variety and challenge.

Another little front comes through this evening, then nice again tomorrow. I’m going to head up to Bath.

I thought I’d go ashore here and have a meal out, but that requires getting into the dinghy and it’s cold and dark and getting windy. Think I’m going to stay aboard and have an early night and try to be up for dawn.

I’ve been looking at lobster boats all summer, and I have to say the ones I saw today are my favourites. They all looked good to my eye.

I saw one pleasure boat underway today. I think it’s my first since leaving Chester. Lots of lobster boats out though.