I’m in Bedford. The end of the trip. Currently tied to David’s raft moored in Long Cove.

Had a lovely cruise here from Ship Harbour. Lots of people aboard the last few days, and here are some of their pictures.

Lots of good memories of the last few days. It’s been great catching up with old friends. Greg and I looked up another friend Janice who lives on the water in West Jeddore, and we anchored in front of her house and then had a cruise around the upper reaches of the inlet followed by dinner ashore.

Janice and her daughter Wren and Wren’s partner Darcy joined us for the trip around to Petpeswick the next day. We anchored near the sailing club for the night and had a good view of the racing.

Today was a relaxed cruise around to Eastern Passage, where I dropped Greg off, and on to Bedford. David and Laura brought pizza over this evening in their Nonsuch.

A brief update

I’m happily hanging on a mooring in Ship Harbour. Lovely spot. Came in yesterday, had dinner and campfire ashore with my old friend David and his wife Laura, and we went exploring locally today on Escapade. Beautiful weather. I always enjoy poking into tight/shallow waters, and David had a few spots he wanted to check out. There are dozens of islands within a few miles of here, and a few gorgeous beaches. I can see why David and Laura are excited to be developing their waterfront property here.

Tomorrow my friend Greg will join me for the trip from here to Halifax. It’s not far in a straight line but there is an interesting shore line to explore. We won’t be in a rush.

Next scheduled stop is Bedford. My home town. Will definitely stop there for a while.

Unfortunately (?) no pics from today, as I had a phone failure this morning. I have a few from yesterday but can’t share them right now. Such is life. It’s just more of the same anyway 🙂

Ship Harbour

I’m in Ship Harbour visiting with my old friend David and his wife Laura.  They have a cottage property here with a mooring.  Easy trip yesterday in calm conditions.  We had a fun day exploring the local inlets, islands and beaches today.

Tomorrow evening another friend is joining me here for a couple of days to head for Halifax. 

These pics are from the trip here Saturday. I sort of fried my phone this morning so no more pics for a few days. Today was beautiful weather and scenery.

Eastern Shore

That was a fun day. Came out of St Peter’s then west of Ile Madam. From Canso around to Whitehead I stayed inside islands as much as possible, then went up to the head of the bay at Whitehead.

I’m now anchored here after a straight run up the coast from Whitehead into rain and SW winds. Nice sheltered spot, and it’s cleared up since I stopped. Good weather forecast for the next couple of days.

Bras D’Or

I had a nice dinner in Baddeck last night, and this morning fueled up and picked up a few things at the grocery store. This afternoon I left Baddeck and after coming through Iona went up the East Bay to Ben Eoin before turning around. Weather was unsettled with occasional rain.

I’m now anchored here for the night. Very quiet and well protected. Tomorrow I’ll go through St Peter’s back to the ocean.


I’m anchored here in Dingwall.  Left Mabou at 0630 and got in here at 2100.  It’s a delightful little harbour, very quiet right now.

I have 132 (!) pictures from today.  Rather than pick highlights I’ll get them all here once I’m in more solid internet land.

Wow. The coast is more dramatic and varied than I was expecting. Well worth the trip. I stopped in Chedicamp for lunch, and from there north every little cape brought another delight.

I’m not going to Newfoundland. Lots to see and do in NS for the next couple of months. Tomorrow I’ll head 45 miles down the eastern side of the cape to the northern entrance to the Bras D’Or Lakes. Maybe Baddeck tomorrow night.

Today was a perfect day for traveling the coast. Warm for this area – I’ve been in shorts and a tee shirt for the last 48 hours – and calm. More of the same for the next day or two, though fog seems likely tonight.

I saw a couple of pilot whales near Cape St Lawrence, and lots of birds. Mostly though I was looking at the shore. There is such a sense of permanence here, just eons of sea and rock.


At anchor

I’m anchored here in a lovely cove in Mabou. Wow. I could happily be storm stayed here. One house on the point and a small boating club, otherwise empty. There is an excellent pub and bakery 2 km away by road or dinghy.

The geography is quite striking. I didn’t get the full treatment coming in as a couple of heavy showers were hanging around. Hope it’s clear in the morning.

When I came in I tried to get closer to the pub, and almost anchored close to route 9, but then bumped bottom a couple of times and thought better of that. It’s mid tide rising, but a pretty small range here.

I straight lined it leaving Pictou, so was a few miles off the north shore coming out. Met land again at Henry Island and followed the shore in to Mabou.

There is no significant wind forecast between now and Thursday anywhere in the area. Probably some thunderstorms, but the ones I encountered today were non threatening. So I’m feeling good about traveling around the top of Cape Breton. I guess I’ll be following the Cabot Trail. Cool.

I’ve also been realizing that Newfoundland is really close. I could be in Port aux Basques easily in two days. Noodling on that.

I could also use some company. Looks like some really spectacular country, and it seems a shame to do it alone.

I’ve got plenty of room for guests and will always trade good food or good music for passage. If you’re reading this and want to come on a boating adventure on short notice reach out.

Pics from today in order. You may notice more lighthouse shots in the future. They’re for philosophy aunt Anita.