Final prep

Cleaning today.  Still a few things left on my list, but hopefully no show stoppers. Plan is to leave here on Saturday and head for eastern Ontario and Quebec.

Hopefully you can see the difference between the clean right side and the yet-to-be cleaned left.

Still on my list:

  • Patch hole in my RIB and get it down here.  My tender is an old Avon RIB 310 (10 ft) with a Yamaha 15 hp two stroke.  Fun little boat.  A new boat is on my list but I’m trying to keep the old one working for another year.  Patched a hole in the hull this spring, so hopefully it will be seviceable this year.  Also reinforced the davits this spring, so expect to have a more robust arrangement over last year.
  • Clean interior
  • Replace lower shift cable.  Old one is stiff and I tried lubing but am going to replace it.
  • Configure alarms on sensors – I added EGT and two new temp guages – exhaust temp at the muffler and oil temp and will play with them to determine appropriate thresholds. Have a car horn that I can have set off when parameter values are exceeded.
  • Check fuel system carefully – one return line seems to be partially blocked, and I think I’m still getting air in somewhere.  I put in a squeeze bulb with lots of clear hose on my intake line and it helps to bleed and identify issues.  See pic below.
  • Clean motor, generator and bilges.  I am also putting in a drain hole on each stringer to ensure no water pools there.
  • Install wifi booster antenna on flybridge.

That’s about it!

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