Spectacular lightning

Out over the lake to my south.  Long way off, just occasional faint thunder.  It’s cool how it lights the whole horizon.

Got operational about 9 pm and cruised for a couple of hours out of the Little Bay.  Now anchored just east of Turkey Point.  A bit more exposed but pretty calm right now and winds are forecast to drop tonight.

I had a new gear cover delivered to me at supper time by a guy who runs a used Cummins parts business.  I had seen his web site last year, called him at noon and he got one and drove 20 minutes to drop it off.  I met him at the Big Creek bridge :-). Patched the dinghy and got it going to run in to meet him.

I’m still puzzling over the motor.  But it’s running properly as far as I can tell now.

Tomorrow I head to Port Colborne. Weather looks OK.

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