I’m back where I was Sunday night.  A very pleasant spot just south of Port Rowan.  

Still having motor trouble… I pulled into Port Dover, but really didn’t see any attractive options for staying.  I’m not a big fan of the open lake, and also not a big fan of staying at marinas.  The cost bothers me – about the same as a cheap hotel.  Guess I could budget for it, but handing over $50-75 per night sort of rubs me the wrong way.  I much prefer to be hanging on the hook.

So I’m now 4 days into my trip.  Was planning to be in Toronto today, but have been reminding myself that I’m not on any schedule.  Enjoy the moment!  Had a nice hot shower, turned the heat on, cleaned up.  Tomorrow I’m going to clean the engine room and get to the bottom of my motor problems.  

ps the patch on the dinghy was moderately successful. Only a very small leak now that I can live with. Had fun this evening blasting around exploring.  It’s a great tender, an old Avon RIB 310 with a Yamaha 15 hp 2 stroke.  Can cover some distances fast with just me aboard.

So I’ve come to realize that the kind of boating I want to do is in very sheltered waters with lots of choices of places to stop or visit.  Guess that confirms I’m a river rat.  I had thought about going to Nova Scotia, and then wondered what I’d have to do to my boat to be properly prepared.  But I realize that I’m not prepared!  I will never miss open waters.

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