Had a very relaxed day cruising down to Georgian Bay. It’s funny doing the reverse trip – I came down from Lake Huron to Trent two years ago and encountered my first lock in this boat then. It was a whole bunch of new experiences then. Now I feel like an old hand and can relax and enjoy myself.

I rescued a boater in distress today at Big Chute. A family in a bowrider had lost power and were frantically paddling while being sucked towards one of the gates. Lots of current. Fortunately there’s a buoyed wire preventing boats and swimmers from getting swept over the dam and they ended up pinned on it. I was able to back up to them, get a tow line and tow them to a nearby dock. The Big Chute railway guys were impressed.

I meant to take pictures but had phone charging issues. I bought two new cords in Orillia earlier this week, as well as a new mount for my tablet which I use as a plotter at the lower helm. The first cord was destroyed when the new mount dropped the tablet shortly after leaving the dock and the second turned out to be the wrong kind. Got a couple at Big Chute before my phone died.

When I got out of Port Severn I wasn’t sure where to go next. Thought about going up to Honey Harbour but also wanted to get new phone cords. So I came over to Midland. Anchored in Cheapskate Cove which was nicely sheltered from the NW breeze. It’s just me and a Swan 51 here. Flat calm now.

The weather was a bit strange today. As I was pulling into the Swift Rapids lock it started raining. While we were in the lock it absolutely poured. This is a super deep lock, the highest on the TS with a 47 foot lift. It was like being in a giant shower stall. The rain ended shortly after we left the lock. By the time I got to Midland about 4:30 it was stinking hot and I retreated to the dark air conditioned cabin for the evening.

It’s supposed to rain for the next couple of days and there’s a tug festival going on here. I have guests arriving Saturday night and I was planning to be farther north, but there’s lots to see and do around Honey Harbour. I still have to clean and organize the interior so can use time not travelling

Here are the Big Chute pics before my phone died. I’ve got to say it’s scarier going down than up. Very cool machine.

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