30,000 Islands

I ended up spending two nights in Midland. Yesterday was super muggy when I got up and I wasn’t in a rush to get anywhere so I hung out on the boat with the AC on, did some reading and cleaning up. The pressure washer and submersible pump hung overboard work very well. Had a delightful shower in the cockpit in the afternoon. Next time I’ll take a picture 🙂 Rain last night.

This morning I went into town to see the tugfest activities, had coffee and a sandwich – thanks Jen for the local knowledge – then pulled up anchor about 2:00.

Here’s the cutest boat at tugfest

From Midland I went across to Honey Harbour, stopped for a couple of things at the grocery store there, and headed north into the 30,000 islands.

Wow. I spent some time around here two years ago and marveled then at the area. It’s better than I remember. I took the most inside route I could find through the islands.

A couple of hours from Honey Harbour and the cottages and boats start to thin out.

I’m now anchored in a small channel between two islands. It’s uncharted but because the water is so clear and I draw less that 3′ it’s easy to navigate from the flybridge. Dodged a couple of rocks coming in and am now snug, with a bow and stern anchor holding me in place. There is nobody around apart from a few sailboats anchored in the large cove around the corner.

I took a few pics coming up here but the day was pretty grey. Won’t waste the bandwidth on posting them here. But I’m sure there will be lots more!

Tomorrow I’m going to end up somewhere where Miles and Chantal can reach me by car. Am thinking Parry Sound. Then we can stock up before heading out for a few days exploring the area. Weather looks benign for the next couple of days.

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