Parry Sound

Got underway about 10 and noodled my way north. Took several ad hoc inside passages and went down 12 Mile Bay. Then in past Sans Souci and through a few narrow passages on to Parry Sound. They call it something like 10 mile narrows.

Got into Parry Sound about 3:30, tied up at the government wharf and walked into downtown, wandered around, had a fish and chips. Filled my water tanks, left and day anchored out just around the corner.

I’m waiting here for Miles and Chantal, who are driving from London this evening. Hope they make it ok.

I’m completely winging it. I don’t have food for three for three days, so we’ll likely have to go out tomorrow morning to provision. Not many grocery stores where we’re going. Or restaurants for that matter.

Where are we going? North I think. But have to discuss with M&S.

Lots of very nice cottages around here, and a bunch of boat traffic is basically commuters. Not so many pontoon boats in these parts, lots of big aluminum utility boats with big outboards. And a lot of Limestone 24s. I have a history with Bruce R and a Limestone 24. Classy boat, but a bit slow by today’s standards.

Saw a new Carver 52 Coupe underway. Guess that’s a somewhat popular us$1.2m+ boat these days. A lot like the Riviera 5400 I met earlier. But edgier. Bah Humbug. Who buys these things and why?

I took this picture cause I liked the idea of walking out on this high deck early in the morning. House is in the trees.

There are lots of cool boathouses. But I thought that Peter M might appreciate this one, and the boat. Took two because when I got by it wanted a more complete view 🙂

Dunno if you can see it but a float plane was landing in front of me.

Turns out there’s quite a busy float plane operation here. They’ve been flying in and out regularly. Cruised by their dock.

One thought on “Parry Sound”

  1. All the rich folks fly to their summer homes. Same as here. In the summer, there are float planes and helicopters flying over my house all the time. I call it the helicopter highway. It gets annoying cause some of them fly really low, and they’re loud. Grumble grumble.


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