Massasauga Provincial Park

I could spend a few days exploring here. Empty and remote feeling. Currently anchored in the middle of Jenner Bay. No cottages and very few boats.

Samantha, Sarah and I were up here canoeing last fall, and it looks like I could travel though the whole area, although there is no depth published for the inner sections. Would have to go slow and stay alert. Would love to see how far up the Moon River we could go. But that’s for another trip.

To catch up, Miles and Chantal arrived Saturday night about 11:00 and we had a nice cruise out through Parry Sound (the water) to the tip of Killbear, where we anchored just inside the point. Played in the water in the morning then back into town to get groceries and meet up with my friends Tim and Layton who have an inland lake cottage relatively close by. Had a lovely relaxed cruise around Parry Island with them.

After leaving Parry Sound at supper time we found a lovely little cove right off the main channel. Had a stream running into it, a portage terminus to an upper lake and no cottages. Beautiful. Set bow and stern anchor in close to shore. No depth published so we felt our way in. Lots of water. The only issue was a lack of cell service. I actually hiked up the portage path about 11:00 pm to get an internet fix.

Today we planned to explore Massasauga Park. Came out to Sans Souci and turned back inland. This was the first spot on our list and it was pretty perfect so we’re here for the rest of the day and tonight. Miles and Chantal are going to stay ashore in a tent. Supposed to start raining tomorrow morning and all day tomorrow but we’re not more than three hours to town to drop them off.

Tomorrow after dropping Miles and Chantal off it’s north to Killarney where I’m meeting Samantha and Sarah Thursday night.

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