Heading North

Just left Parry Sound. Came in yesterday around noon to drop off Miles and Chantal and stayed put as it was raining and blustery yesterday into this morning. I paid $75 to stay at the town dock overnight with power. This morning I filled fuel and water tanks and did an oil change and am now heading out for Killarney. Need to be there tomorrow night to meet Samantha and Sarah.

Several people have asked about fuel consumption. I operate in an economical way, which basically means going slow, typically 6-7 knots. I can travel faster but use much more fuel. My tanks hold about 800 l.

I went 20 days and traveled 393 nautical miles, about 750 km. I put 77 hours on the main motor and about 20 hours on the generator. Total fuel consumption was 333 litres of diesel. This is well within my target of 1 l per nautical mile, or about 4 usmpg.

Nice day now, sunny and low 20s. Wind NW about 15 knots.

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