Local travel

Mallory met me without incident on Wednesday afternoon. I drove to Britt and met her their, we left her car there and drove down to Bayfield Inlet. Left there early evening and anchored out for the evening close to the Lake. Locals guided us into a little cove that was cute but small, so set bow and stern anchors.

Yesterday we took the inland route as much as possible up to the Bad River Channel. The day started out cool, grey and blustery. We were wearing fleecies and windbreakers. By the time we got there mid afternoon it was sunny, and the evening was gorgeous and clear.

I had been in that beautiful anchorage before and saw boats tied up directly to the rock face. Found the spot, complete with anchor bolts to moor to. Very cool.

I was keen to explore the river channels and rapids in the dinghy but the water levels were very low. Guess it has been a dry summer. Next time…

This morning we had a nice trip back down to Britt where I dropped Mallory off. Like yesterday it was grey and windy in the morning, but again the afternoon and evening was clear and warm. I continued back south to Pointe au Baril. Am anchored now maybe 30m from shore in a nice spot, no cottages around.

Tomorrow I leave the boat to head for Guelph for Samantha’s birthday celebrations, back early next week to continue on.

A few sights along the way

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