Bayfield Inlet

I’m back on the boat. Left here Friday night, had a nice visit home, in for a colonoscopy Monday morning – maybe TMI, but this was essentially the only non-negotiable commitment I had this month. I drove my car up here this evening.

It’s late Tuesday evening, weather warm and unsettled. Right now there’s a big thunder cell passing over with lots of rain and spectacular lightning but no wind.

As usual, my plans have been loose. But the next week or so is coming into focus. Mallory is coming to visit tomorrow, driving down from near Sault Ste. Marie where she’s been working this summer. I don’t get to see enough of her. Not making any ambitious travel plans, will hang with her in this general area for a couple of days. Then drive back to Guelph on the weekend, get dropped off on the boat next Monday or Tuesday and head out for Chicago.

I need to prep the boat for open water. Make sure everything is properly stowed, latches are secure, that sort of stuff. Cruising the canals the boat sort of turns into a house boat with stuff laying around everywhere.

I’m throwing in a picture of three Limestone 24s in Snug Harbour. That’s Sarah and Samantha too. We stopped there by car and had take out on the way home Friday.

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