Mile 47

Left Havana at 0730. Smooth sailing all day. I went through the last lock on the Illinois Waterway with no delay. I stopped at 1600 at this lovely spot.

Am anchored in about 5 feet of water tucked in nicely at the top of Buckhorn Island.

Before I forget, Bob’s marina, the Tall Timbers, is a lovely little spot. I’ll make a point of stopping again if I’m going by in season. It’s pretty much shut down for the season now so I was alone there. And I had a nice dinner out. Havana is the county centre. Quite a different feel from upriver.

Weather was nice today. Sunny, light breeze but still not warm. Maybe 5C tops. But trending the right way!

I really like this down-current touring. It’s like driving the Prius with a tailwind :-). I’m looking forward to my mileage report for this segment, even with heavy generator use it’ll be good.

I’m writing this offline as I have no internet. I’m in the middle of nowhere. Might be a good sky tonight. I need to cook dinner for myself for the first time since leaving. Read a book and crash. Can I survive 24 more hours without internet?

Here’s the only other picture I took today.

When I checked last night the forecast was for very cold weather for the next couple of days. But I am going south :-). For now I keep the heat on 24/7. The last two days have been great.

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