On the Mississippi

I got into Alton Marina around 2:00. Since I didn’t have the internet to keep me up last night I was asleep by 10 and underway about 0645 today.

It’s been snowing since noon or so. There’s a winter warning here, with a couple of inches of snow expected this evening, then clear and around freezing Tuesday and Wednesday and a big snowstorm Thursday. Looks like good traveling weather for two days.

I didn’t see that much of the river today as the snow limited visibility to about 1/2 mile. Radar and AIS have been very useful. I’d be pretty nervous without them.

Filled up with fuel, results were good. Even with 77 hours of generator use my mileage was very good, 5.34 mpg and 1.32 gal/hr. I’ll likely get fuel in Memphis, but have enough to get to Morgan City if I have to. It’s about 960 miles but all down-current.

Here I am entering the Mississippi at Grafton

And a couple of other pics, one of a tow and one showing houses on stilts.

I have enough food and water to get to Memphis which is about 330 miles downstream. That will be my next stop ashore after leaving here. There are two dams to get through as well. So my plan is to get underway tomorrow early and get there in 4-5 days, weather permitting.

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