On the Lower Mississippi

Well, that’s it. Turned the corner at Cairo and continued downstream. I’m anchored here, at mile 930. The mile numbering is now distance to the mouth of the Mississippi.


Big news is that my generator stopped working last night as I was going to sleep. I checked a few things, then went back to bed. I looked at it again this afternoon and got some advice from the great folks on Trawler Forum. I’m not going to be able to fix it while underway.

This isn’t as dire a problem as it would have been earlier. It was a nice day today. All the snow and ice is gone. And tomorrow looks like a perfect day. I think I can do without heat.

Back to today’s travels. I got underway at 0600 and had a relaxed day. Bumped up my speed to 1200 because of the generator. I’m in a bit more of a rush to get to Memphis than I was.

I stopped and anchored at the fork of the river for 90 minutes to have a final look at the genset and think about options. Stopped for the day at about 4:30. Total distance traveled 106 miles.

So it’s two more days to Memphis at a similar pace.

A few pics from today

One thought on “On the Lower Mississippi”

  1. Good days run. Making good time! Sorry to hear about the generator. Hopefully in Memphis you have a marina lined up and can get parts to get her running again. Hang in there tonight. Looks like it will get pretty cold but not in a danger range for major freezing. Have a good nights rest.
    RogerH from TF


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