Morgan City LA

Here I am. The end of the rivers for a while. In all my plotting and scheming about my trip this was the end point for segment two of my voyage. Segment one was from Lake Ontario to Chicago.

Today was a relaxed day, and the first that it was actually a comfortable temperature outside. Initially I tried exploring a bayou off the river, but it became clear after a few miles and the first fork that this was not likely to be successful. So I turned around and got back in the main river and stayed there. Not much remarkable to report, mostly broad, serene and empty. I realized about 3:00 that I hadn’t taken any pictures so I took one then. It’s representative of the day.

I’m going to stay local for the next week or so until Mark arrives. Lots to do just getting the boat clean and shipshape. It needs TLC. Mark and I are going to do some boat tourism for a few days, then home to Ontario for a couple of weeks. Then the next segment begins.

I’m still reflecting on this segment, and will report stats at some point soon. I’m also keen on lessons learned and summary notes, so will try to get those out. May not be until just before the next segment.

I’m really glad I did the route I did. I’m seriously thinking about what would be required to support a reverse trip. I think going up would be much more interesting than down, at least on the Lower Mississippi.

3 thoughts on “Morgan City LA”

  1. Glad you made it to Morgan City.
    Looks like you had a good trip.
    If you still plan on staying for a little while I can offer a few suggestions for some side trips around Morgan City.
    It also looks like you plan on leaving your boat here for a little while. If you do not have a place lined up yet I could give you a few suggestions.
    Give me a call if you need anything. I sent you my number on Trawler Forum a while back


    1. Travis,
      found you on this blog and am planning a trip down the Mississippi from Minnesota this fall and looking to run down the Atchafalaya. would like to stop and get water, pumpout and possibly fuel (diesel) in Morgan City before heading out across the gulf to St Petersburg. We are a 78 Marlow, 5 ft draft. Any suggestions or info is appreciated.

      Joe Perra
      78 Marlow Explorer


      1. There was a commercial fuel dock adjacent to the town docks called Rio Fuels that had the cheapest fuel on the loop. Don’t recall pump out or water, but check the town dock.


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