Chicago to the Gulf Fuel/Mileage

This is a summary of my fuel use and a few other tidbits for the Chicago to the Gulf of Mexico segment. It includes about 45 miles touring around Chicago, and ends at Morgan City. All currency USD.

Total distance traveled: 1,492 miles / 2,402 km

Days underway (incl stops): 25

Motor hours: 171

Generator hours: 136

Fuel consumed: 249 gal / 943 l

Total fuel cost: $715

GPH: 1.46

MPG: 5.98

This also includes heavy (for me) generator use. Needed it for heat much of the way. My best guess is the generator used 15-20% of the fuel.

Also the entire trip was down-current, and that really boosts the MPG. I kind of wish I had boat speed/distance through the water so I could accurately assess the current, both instantaneously and in aggregate. I’ll add that to my next list of possible upgrades for the next haul.

As long as I’m doing some accounting here, I also paid to stop for 7 nights, total cost $246.

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