RIP Molly

I took this picture at Guelph Lake Community Boating Club, where I was having a cry just after Christmas for my friends Harri and Molly.

Molly died December 19 after her DN class iceboat went through/off the ice. Her husband Harri almost died attempting to save her.

Harri has a boat shop/music studio and I stopped by a few days after getting back to Guelph. Our snipe is there for some speed work, and he had his Siren in as well.

We joked about him having the world’s fastest Siren, but he was excited about cruising Georgian Bay next year in the boat with Molly.

I was at the lake on Tuesday Dec 18, and had a lovely visit with Molly. We talked about my boating adventures – she had been reading this blog regularly – and she invited me and Samantha and Sarah to come by for a sauna over the holidays. We talked about how much she loved ice boating. There wasn’t much wind, but we got out for a loop of the lake. Monday had been a bit too windy, and Molly was telling of almost being dumped on the ice with a big smile. Wednesday was promising to be a perfect day.

I didn’t make it Wednesday, and on Thursday woke to the news of the tragedy.

Molly’s death leaves a huge hole – for her family, the sailing and music community, and her life partner Harri. I’m sorry I didn’t get to know her better. My only comfort is in knowing that she died doing something that she was passionate about.

RIP Molly.

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