I’m out in the Gulf, here. Beautiful day now that the sun is out.

Dunno if you can see them, but I’m traveling in the company of two buddy boats, Trust Your Cape and Chrysalis. I finally caught up with the Looper crowd yesterday in Carabelle.

Carabelle is a cute little harbour. Should have taken some pictures. This is approaching

There were dolphins at the entrance and lots around this morning as well

There were about eight Loopers there last night, all planning to leave today. One of them, Trust Your Cape I had seen several times earlier as we traveled east. There was another Canadian boat there, Myra-Marie that was from Comox BC. They trailered their Ranger Tug to Sault Ste Marie. Cool. Had dinner out with the crews of six boats. Spent the night in a slip.

I finally gave the top of the boat a really good scrub. There was Mississippi mud on top of Chicago grime. Much better now. Was going to do an oil change on both motors but didn’t have as much oil aboard as I thought I did. Need to go shopping. My food is pretty much gone too.

Today the fleet sorted into groups. I joined the 9 knot to Steinhatchee group. We left at dawn and are due in there about 3:30.

Forecast is for excellent traveling weather for the next two days. Will be back in the ICW at Tarpon Springs Thursday or Friday.

3 thoughts on “Flotilla”

  1. It’s been great following you. I live in Niceville off the bay across from Destin. Would have been good to hook up with you. Maybe another time. Great that you have perfect weather for the crossing. If you can comment on the depth getting into Stienhatchee. We draw about 4′ 4″ and have always wanted to get in there but the depth concerns us. Pleasant seas!

    Rogerh from TF


  2. Ah, I envy your adventure. Nothing like the freedom of traveling, when you don’t know where the next day will take you, who you’ll meet, what you’ll do, what you’ll see – everything is always new and changing. I’m not very good with the routine of everyday.


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