Tarpon Springs

I arrived at the municipal docks in Tarpon Springs Friday afternoon. This will be home for Mazurka until Feb 3 or so.

That’s Eric, Ruth, me and Jimmie. Rosalie was the photographer. They came for a visit yesterday. I don’t see them often as they live in NS. We had a nice meal in one of the great Greek restaurants nearby.

I like this place. There are tourists and locals wandering by, and a busy area with sponge stores and Greek restaurants.

Thursday I will fly to New Orleans from Tampa to retrieve my car and Laser. Then Saturday off for a week of road cycling with Samantha and Sarah in Central Florida. Then back to the boat and underway across the state to Stuart.

It’s been fun getting to know some of the Loopers. Had a meal out with them Friday and ‘docktails’ yesterday. It was good traveling with them from Carabelle. There are Loopers here from Cincinnati, Wisconsin, Texas, Florida, and BC. It’s nice to join that community.

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