Back on the boat

I rented a car this week and drove home for a quick visit, then went to uncover the sailboat. See the new boat post if you haven’t already. I added lots of pictures today. Had a good look at the sails and gear and got to see the topsides and deck in detail. The builder is doing a few mods – an underdeck autopilot tiller and radar mast – and getting the trailer ready.

From St Thomas where the boat is it was on Sarnia for an interesting and informative visit with the folks at the sail loft, then an equally interesting and informative meeting of the Great Lakes Singlehanded Society.

It was a lot of driving – about 2,200 miles in 3 days – but I don’t mind that. Had a plain 2019 Corolla, averaged 38 mpg. Very comfortable seat and all the fancy electronic stuff, CVT. Pretty impressive car overall.

Now I’m stocked with groceries. Will return the car in the morning and get underway. I think it’s about 400 miles to Norfolk from here. I’m looking forward to this segment.

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