I shared the top pic on Facebook earlier and someone asked about the top burgee.

There’s a story behind that.

I posted in October about my AGLA burgee at the bottom. The middle one is the Guelph Community Boating Club where I am a member and sail a Laser and Snipe when I’m in town. Not much these days:-). And the top one is a recently acquired Trawler Forum burgee.

Right around the time I ordered my AGLA burgee I started a conversation about a TF burgee. After a real community effort they went into production in January and the first run sold out fast. I’m proud to fly it and grateful for the community for making it happen.

On a related note, I’m aware of the possible ugliness of my radar mast. It was an improvised solution. On my new sailboat I’m having a radar mast added by someone with more sensibility than me :-). But I was a big fan of the original more modest mast because it gave a proper place to fly flags, and I was reluctant to give that up. I think I’ll always have a mast with spreaders for that reason.

In general I don’t care much about flags. But on this boat I’m traveling far from home, and as I mused about earlier sometimes it’s nice to show identity through flags.

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