I’m anchored here, tucked in out of a moderate S – SE wind. I had about 6″ of water under the keel at low tide.

Today I came up through the Dismal Swamp from just north of Elizabeth City. The last couple of days have been very relaxed and fun. Weather has been near perfect. Here are some pictures from today. I was traveling with three sailboats, and we were the only vessels to go through the canal today.

I’ve been hearing birds, and there are a few bugs. Saw a spider on board for the second time since I left the Great Lakes.

Last night was lovely. tied up for the night at an old overgrown industrial dock. Just below the first lock on the Dismal Swamp Canal. Here.

I had come into the free municipal dock at Elizabeth City on Wednesday afternoon and stayed there for about 24 hours. Nice stop. Changed the oil, washed down the boat and had a couple of meals ashore, filled my water tanks. Met the boats I was to travel with there on Thursday, then moved up the river for the night and met them at the lock this morning.

The wind is supposed to die off somewhat by morning, so I’m going to get up early and head up the Chesapeake Bay. I haven’t spent any time in the Chesapeake or Delaware. Not sure how much I’ll stop or explore, it will depend on weather and mood. I’m feeling confident that I can get up to the Hudson River Valley in the next three weeks, where I’ll leave the boat.

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