I’ve been watching the weather, as I’m back out in relatively open water for the first time in months. Had a nice window yesterday with rainy and foggy weather but no wind, and did a straight line up the bay from Norfolk to Annapolis, about 125 miles. There’s a front coming through tonight and tomorrow, so I’m going to stay here until Tuesday morning.

I left Norfolk around 9 am, and tied up to a mooring in Annapolis harbour around 3 am. Heavy rain in the morning ended mid day but then there was fog for most of the rest of the trip. Calm the whole way. I was dodging ship and barge traffic a bit, but am comfortable with my radar and other navigation instruments.

Not much to see, but there were a couple of hours when I could not find the horizon. It seemed like the water and fog were the same colour.

Off to explore. I’ve been here before, but not recently and never by boat.

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