C&D Canal

I’ve always wanted to go through here. Not sure why, except that it’s got lots of historical and commercial significance. Baltimore and Philadelphia were big ports and cities before NYC took over in the 19th century.

I’m tied up for the night in Chesapeake City. Cute spot, and the price is right.

I had planned to anchor in the basin, but tied up and had a nice meal ashore.

Annapolis was OK. The harbour is not well protected and was pretty rough at times. This boat rolls pretty easily at rest, probably my least favorite thing about it. But yesterday the wind boomed in from the west as forecast and things settled there.

I left there today around noon after fuelling up and getting a few groceries. Had a beautiful trip up here with a tail current all the way. Just dumb luck. The current is strong and I am planning tomorrow’s travel to take advantage of it.

Very quiet around here. Apparently it’s still winter season. I was in shorts and bare feet and a fleecy. My kind of weather. Glad to stay ahead of the crowds.

There’s a lot of wind forecast for the weekend, starting late Thursday. But tomorrow looks fine for a run down Delaware Bay to Cape May NJ. It’s about 75 miles.

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