New Jersey

I’m anchored here on a wide section of the ICW. No traffic.

Today was smooth sailing. Cooler and overcast. I started out about 9:30 in order to hit the tides. Flew down the Delaware Bay and came into the Cape May Canal around 4:30, then north for a couple of hours on the ICW.

Saw a few ships and pleasure boats, but stayed out of the main channel. Mostly just me.

I had a 10-15 knot headwind and a 1-2 knot tailwind. Hit some choppy patches and took spray for a little while

Not a bad day.

Nothing particularly appealing about this segment. Most people choose to go ‘outside’ up the coast from here to NYC. But since it’s supposed to blow hard from the SE for the next 4 days I’m going to noodle me way north inside. Looks like Monday should be OK for the open water segment into New York Harbour.

Here are some shots on the ICW.

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