Barnegat Bay

New Jersey can only get better.

It’s Saturday afternoon, and I’m aground in what I guess is called Barnegat Harbor, right here.

It’s no big deal. I routinely hit bottom, and have been stuck a few times. In this case I went into the mud at almost dead low tide. Range here is a little over 3 feet today, so I’ll be floating in a couple of hours. Have the anchor dropped from the bow.

I may stay here tonight, but more likely I’ll head across to Forked River.

I got ashore earlier for a stretch and lunch. Tied up to a public dock – the first one I’ve seen in three days. 78th St in Harvey Cedars.

Last night I anchored here. It was a bit exposed last night, but not bad. Rode out 20+ knot S wind and lots of rain last night. I got underway about 1030 after the rain stopped. Fog limited visibility to about 1/4 mile but it was gone by the time I came in here.

Yesterday I came through Atlantic City. I spent the night before in Ventnor City, here. Good spot, with marsh on one side.

I’ve taken lots of pictures. Interesting area. I’m going to post them here in order, south to north. There are a lot, but I had reasons for taking each. Maybe I’ll annotate later.

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