I unpacked the mast, fixed the broken B&G wind sender, installed a masthead VHF antenna, and got the rig up today.

I’ve been helping out the rigging crew this week. It’s probably the busiest week of the year. Great bunch. One of them I knew 30 years ago as an expert on racing electronics systems. He brought in his test bench and a replacement connector – these are very specialized OEM parts – and fixed the wind indicator on his lunch break. Thanks Mark! I did a fiberglass wrap over the cracked carbon fiber and relocated the wire, and we were done.

I’m constantly shocked at how much money is spent on this sport. A replacement unit is US$1,600 and I’m sure most people would just pop for a replacement. But that’s not the Tin Lizzie way!

Boat will hit the water tomorrow or Friday. Still lots to do, but the path is clear so far. I hope to get the new name on first. If not we’ll pop it out to apply the name later.

The rig is very well done and in good shape. Lots of good lines and hardware. I’m very pleased with the whole package. Nobody has anything good to say about running backs, but I’ve never minded them. I’m not a big fan of swept back spreaders. The setup on TL is very nice, with a checkstay deflector control next to the mainsheet.

I think I’m going to try to build a furling headstay. Will decide next week after doing some sailing. I suspect that the genoa would have to be modified. Maybe the jib too.

Lots of compliments on the boat. I’ve got more cleaning to do but it looks really nice all round. Looking forward to sailing this weekend, maybe with my boat partners if they can make it. We could probably easily smash a bottle on the tin bow 🙂

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