Pulling it together

I launched Tin Lizzie Saturday

All is in good order. There’s very little left to do. I finished installing the new wind and speed instruments, and everything is on the network and appears to be functioning well.

As I discussed earlier I really want to get sailing before I start mounting instruments. After I removed the big Ockam Matrix display I was left with a rectangular hole. So I temporarily mounted the heads over the hole.

That’s rigid pink foam. I used 4200 to mount everything. The only new hole was 1″ for the lower head.

I took advantage of a the time ashore and the nicer weather to dry everything out, clean the interior, and start to get the inside organized. Thinking about what I need to take when I leave here and how to store it. I think most of the stuff is going to end up aft in the quarter berths.

After much fussing with the ballast system everything is perfect. I replaced the line driven valve controls with 3 push/pull cable controls. Here’s one of the handles in the cockpit. They’re normally closed (in) and are well protected by the line bins.

The rudder blade was easy to patch up. There is a slight binding in the top bearing and I suspect the shaft is not perfectly straight between the bearings but it will be OK.

Now to get some sailing in!

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