Sailing, twice

I had two lovely sails Sunday and Monday, both solo. Sunday was 10-15 knots NE with 3-4 ft waves. Monday was 5-10 knots.

The boat sails beautifully in those conditions. Fast and responsive to tweaking. I let the AP steer always, and it performed brilliantly apart from a few hiccups on my side. I need to get more comfortable with the controls and capabilities for maneuvers like tacks and gybes, but it got better each time. I used the water ballast and it makes a big difference. The new valve system works perfectly.

The armored tablet is brilliant. I keep it on and mirroring the MFD, and hang it from my neck or over a winch or in the rope bin.

At this point I’m done with electronics, safety, and sail handling. Interior is clean and decluttered and I’m making lists of provisions needed to set out for a month. I’m going to try to get some bins to keep things aft. Maybe milk crates. I’ve been seriously thinking about a beanbag chair for sleeping. Lotta hard edges on this boat.

After I took the sunset selfie I shot a brief video while reaching with the spinnaker. Boat was sailing itself at 6-7 knots in 5-8 knots of wind and I was just enjoying the ride.

I did get a little queazy on Sunday, but only for a few minutes. It’s hard to go below when it’s rough. But I have a few great spots to hang out in the cockpit. After I perched on the high corner for a few minutes and got busy tweaking I felt fine.

I feel like we’re ready – me and the boat – to hit the high seas.

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