Bay of Quinte

Last time I wrote I was heading up the Trent Severn.  Mostly this was because I had time on my hands and it was open. 

I met Miles and Brad at Campbellford, and we had a three day cruise up to the top of the Peterborough Lift Lock and back.

Brad playing in the dinghy

We had nice weather, and they seemed to enjoy themselves.  After spending a couple of days in Campbellford letting some stormy wether pass and doing some delayed cleaning and maintenance I left there yesterday morning and came back down the canal and into the Bay of Quinte.

Today after stopping in Belleville for more cheap fuel I nipped into Napanee and had a late lunch at the riverview restaurant there.  Today is their first day open since COVID-19 hit.

I’m now anchored here near Adolphustown.  Tomorrow I run down to Kingston to meet Suey who is joining me for a week or so.  I’m hoping the Rideau Canal will open soon.  Guess we’ll noodle around the Thousand Islands while we wait. 

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