Thousand Islands

My sister Susan joined me in Kingston a week ago, and hopped off in Brockville five days later. We had beautiful calm weather the entire time, and both enjoyed exploring and bird watching. It was her first time aboard Mazurka.

Here’s her account and a small selection of her photos.

I am writing this in downtown Toronto on Saturday afternoon, having spent most of last week cruising the Thousand Islands area with my big brother, Jeff, on Mazurka.  It was a great experience for a myriad of reasons.  The weather and scenery were spectacular.  Due to the late start to the tourist season, there were very few boats; the places we stopped were quiet and mostly uninhabited.  Despite seeing a swimming snake (eek) on day 2, I jumped in the water to paddle around every day after that, as Jeff found (princess) me places where the water was crystal clear to the bottom.   Jeff even got in the water once! 

I loved the relaxed pace and freedom to noodle around, as the only agenda was to explore what caught our fancy.  This included staying overnight in quiet inlets to watch and listen to wildlife, seeing amazing sunrises, checking out marinas, circumnavigating Boldt castle, and finding the best waterfront restaurants along the way. 

Now don’t get me wrong, that was all great, but best of all was hanging out with Jeff in his element.  It takes a lot of knowledge and experience to safely maneuver through the St. Lawrence, and Jeff made it look easy.   Like many siblings we occasionally bicker, but we are close.  I have friends who have difficult familial relationships so I know what we have is not that common.  This week reminded me again how much I cherish and appreciate our relationship.  It probably helped that I stopped working halfway through when my office internet got cut off when we got close to the US.  Lol. #boatlife    

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