Top of the Trent Severn

This picture was taken last night at the top of the Kirkfield Lift Lock. I’m now on my way down to Georgian Bay.

I had left Mazurka at lock 4 just above Trenton for a few days. Sarah drove me back Monday night with a load of groceries. We had to walk the last km or so as the gate was locked. The lock tenders loaned me a wheelbarrow in the morning to fetch the liquids that we left by the gate.

Tuesday was overcast and calm. Nice traveling weather. I stayed the night at the top of lock 12 just before Campbellford.

Wednesday I stayed at the bottom of Lock 19 just below Peterborough. Thursday night I was at the bottom of Lock 28 at Burleigh Falls. Last night was at the top of Kirkfield Lift Lock.

Tonight I’m anchored here just north of Orillia.

Not much else to report! Weather has been warm and sunny.

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