Port Severn

I pulled in to the top of the lock yesterday about 5:00, started the generator, turned on the A/C, and went inside.  Very hot and humid.  Today I stayed put.  Cold front is just passing through as I write this, and it looks like a nice stretch of weather for the remainder of the week.

I love the area between here and Kirkfield.  I have vivid recollections of coming up through here four years ago.  It was my introduction to waterway cruising. Pretty spectacular still, 10,000 miles later.

I haven’t taken many pictures because I have a large collection already of this area and because I’m distancing myself from my phone a bit while underway.  It’s often charging when I’m underway and isn’t always close at hand.

The Big Chute is fun and interesting.  Most of the day’s pics are there.

Tomorrow I’m heading into Georgian Bay.  Will noodle around the south end for a few days visiting yards.  I’d like to get some work done on Mazurka and am sort of boat shopping, and generally like skulking around storage yards. Plus I have a trip down to London area on the weekend and don’t want to get too far away.

I suppose I should offer some overall notes and impressions on the Trent Severn. I really enjoyed this trip. There’s a lot a variety. It’s quiet this year. A lot of homes/cottages were empty, and local boat traffic seemed low. The lockmasters say overall traffic is down about 30%, but for many locks Canadian traffic has increased. US boats have hisorically been something like 50% of the through traffic and are not here this year.

The lockmasters have been generally helpful and friendly, as always. There has always been lots of space at the locks, and my season pass has been well used. I anchored out only once, and that was after a rude CN rail bridge operator denied me passage at 6:15 and there was nowhere close by to tie up.

In other boating news, I hope to have a new rudder for Tin Lizzie within the next couple of weeks.  She might yet see water in 2020!

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