A boat I used to know

I had a lovely long cruise around from Midland. Left about 0900 from my island anchorage and steamed straight up Georgian Bay, was in Tobermory at 1900. They had zero space, so I grabbed takeout dinner and headed down Lake Huron. Got into Grand Bend about 1100 the next day, and no berths available, but I tied to the rough wall and spent 24 hours there, then a nice trip down to Sarnia yesterday.

Part of this sprint was weather driven of course. It was generally calm and flat. Make miles while you can in open water. That’s been my motto. Plus I like night boating.

I cruised at 7-9 knots depending on conditions. In rougher water I go faster for a more comfortable ride.

I didn’t take any pictures other than the one at the top. That’s a boat that my old boss Bruce sold twice, and Crowley’s did a major refit on. Haven’t seen Clare in 25 years. Think she’s been around the world in that time.

I have taken a three videos and now that I’m tied up I’m able to share. Here’s one from the Trent Severn, one from Georgian Bay at anchor, and one Cruising down Lake Huron. Enjoy šŸ™‚

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