Boat Shopping

I’ve been refining my plans for the future over the past few months, and they involve a new boat. I’m part of a bicycling culture where the N+1 concept is very familiar, and this news has shocked my friends and family very little.

Now, keep in mind that I enjoy boat shopping immensely. I don’t mind long drawn out wild goose chases. And I like unusual boats. I used to be a boat broker, and liked it.

I also didn’t have a firm use case. And then COVID-19 came along. Nonetheless I think I have a new plan.

Mazurka was a test bed for me. A training trawler. I bought the boat in early September 2015 with a 5 year plan of ownership. In a sense the lease is up.

I like Mazurka. A lot. I’m familiar with all the systems and am confident in the boat. And I still really like the look of the boat, which matters. And I’ve learned how to handle moderate seas comfortably. I could happily loop forever in this boat. But that’s not in the plans.

I’ll write more on this, but I guess I can say Mazurka is available for purchase. I think I’m realistic about pricing, and can deliver anywhere in the Canadian Great Lakes. Get in touch for details. I won’t bite! Happy to tell you the good, the bad and the ugly 🙂

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