My Use Case/Requirements

I’ve made the decision to commit to the path of being a full time live aboard nomad. I like it. It’s me. It’s what I dreamed about doing when I was a kid. It’s sort of what I’ve been modeling with Mazurka.

I’ve also given up hope of traveling in the US in the near future. There are a few rivers there that are on my to-do list, but I’ll get there eventually.

I had been playing with the idea of buying a modest boat in Europe and spending a couple of years cruising the rivers and waterways there. But there are lots of challenges to that idea, particularly in today’s world.

My revised plan is to head for Eastern Canada. I almost went this spring, but a host of reasons kept me in Ontario. So will winter in Ontario, and try for next year.

So, what’s wrong with Mazurka? It’s in many ways the ideal boat for one or two. But it’s a pretty small space, particularly in the winter time. The interior has always been a man cave for me, and it’s not at all set up for entertaining or guests. Lots of that is on me, but I’d like to be able to zone things off. I also need a guest cabin for visitors.

I’d also like a tougher more capable boat. In fact I’ve mostly been considering steel boats. I don’t have serious offshore ambitions, but want to be self sufficient for a month and cover some remote areas. I like to explore. And it’s possible I will bump into things.

I also want a pilothouse. Much as I love hanging out on the flybridge, I really have to stay out of the sun. And I’m going to be aboard 12 months a year in Canada, so I need to consider heat, etc. I might be operating in nasty cold weather.

What else? Single diesel. Good fuel economy and range. 3+ mpg.

I considered a few motorsailers. But I also care about draft, and most of the smaller PH sailboats don’t do much for me. I keep coming back to power boats. I have three sailboats now, so I don’t need a sailing fix on my live-aboard nomad boat.

Budget matters, as always, and I sort of set myself an upper range of C$100k. Ready to go. Not a lot of money, but as I said, I like the hunt.

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